Mary Nutter Classic photos (15)

LSU’s Rachele Fico demonstrating the limitations of human hitters and the flexibility of the human ankle.


Mary Nutter Classic photos (14)

Do you really need a caption to know it’s Keilani Ricketts in the helmet?

Mary Nutter Classic photos (13)

As they say, hitting a round ball with a round bat …

Mary Nutter Classic photos (12)

USSSA Pride’s Caitlin Lowe against Cal Baptist. See ball, hit ball.

Mary Nutter Classic photos (11)

Kristin Scharkey provides an excuse to not that one of the joys of softball season is reading the weather reports Northwestern’s @VoiceofMeffley comes up with in the box scores. Seriously. From Cathedral City:

Georgia Tech: Voluptuous mountain & blue sky

Tennessee: Spring day game at Wrigley

BYU: High noon in the desert. Draw!

LMU: Sun rests on mountain pillow

LIU: Wind blowing tumbleweed out

Mary Nutter Classic photos (10)

My first indication that LSU has more power this season came when one of them nearly took me out with a foul screamer down the third-base line Thursday. But, you know, the home runs help, too.

Mary Nutter Classic photos (9)

So this turned out to be taken on a bad day for Tennessee, which lost to Northwestern and UCLA, with Ralph Weekly ejected in the latter. But here Ellen Renfroe, Kat Dotson, Lauren Gibson and Raven Chavanne wait for their ESPN interviews (the good ones with Holly Rowe, not the ones with me). Someone makes a lot of money selling bows in Knoxville.