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Caitlin Lowe's speedskater impersonation

From NPF exhibition in Cathedral City and my favorite softball weekend of the year. Here Caitlin Lowe does her best Eric Heiden impersonation, if only anyone was old enough to remember Eric Heiden.

Natasha Watley and Vicky Galindo

Why do I get the feeling you need to be an Olympian to get the joke?

Love that two of the toughest inch-for-inch players in softball, Taylor Schlopy and Kelley Montalvo, play for the same team.

Natasha Watley with her foundation’s essay contest winner, Asia, who earned a trip to the NPF playoffs.

I will freely admit to being lousy at capturing action shots. It comes with an innate lack of photographic, what’s the word, skill. So, no, I don’t care if this Lisa Modglin catch was in batting practice.

I’m contractually obligated to include this photo. No, not really. But when people ask me what I think espnW is, this might be my best answer.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for a nice sunset.

The USSSA Pride’s ‘zombie’ HR celebration. Every time they hit a home run, I felt a sudden urge to watch “Shaun of the Dead” again. So thanks for that.

New party game: Try coming up with a better outfield without using the words “Willie Mays” in your answer.

Any summer that includes seeing Monica Abbott and Cat Osterman square off multiple times is a good summer. Until 2013, adieu.


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