Mary Nutter Classic photos (8)

Oregon’s Janie Takeda slides in ahead of the tag against Cal Poly. Thought better of showing this to the Cal Poly fans next to me who were sure the umpire blew the call. (Never wise to poke angry fans at one of the only tournaments that sells beer).


Mary Nutter Classic photos (7)

Another home run, this time off the bat of Oklahoma’s Lauren Chamberlain. She’s a sophomore, and I already feel like I’m running out of ways to ask her about hitting home runs. I am about two more interviews from going full “Inside the Actors Studio” and asking about her favorite sound.

Mary Nutter Classic photos (6)

Washington’s Kaitlin Inglesby connects on a grand slam against Georgia. Notice the small bit of yellow on the far left side. Yeah, that’s the ball that a better photographer would have captured in full.

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Took me three innings to get this, but I loved the joy from Cal’s Jolene Henderson and Cheyenne Cordes taking the field each inning.

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Between Florida’s Kelsey Stewart, Stanford’s Kelsey Stevens and Kentucky’s Kelsey Nunley, I am going to mix up this year’s freshmen at some point in print. Bank on it. Kelsi Dunne is probably safe.

Mary Nutter Classic

LSU dugout in Cathedral City on Thursday with clouds over the mountains.

Mary Nutter Classic photos

My favorite drive of the year, the final descent into the Cathedral City-Palm Springs area. Do I pretend I’m in a car commercial on this one? You bet I do. (Sorry about that, National).